To New Beginnings!

This is the post excerpt.

Hey you!❤ First I want to thank God for giving me the strength and courage to start this new journey. It’s not easy,it takes courage and I’m glad He was able to offer it. I also want to acknowledge those who always pushed me to this dream that’s now a reality. Shout out to Joyce Njoki,Sheila and Brenda Kwamboka (justkaninte) and all the others! Lots of love! Let’s do this😉





Who you should really Marry.

Hey good people! Thank You for the overwhelming feedback and concern about hulkaP! It’s not easy being a young woman who has to study and build her life Hehe. Nonetheless, I have this voice, which I need to use to reach out to the world, and touch a soul.

I discovered a sermon about how to determine who to marry. It was a light bulb moment, needless to say. I got to learn a lot and that’s exactly what I’ll share with you today.

All singles are not necessarily going to get married.

I knoooow, strange right? The pastor talked about this and said if God thinks you will not advance in His kingdom when you’re in a married status then He will call you to a life of singleness.

1st Corinthians 7:1 says now concerning the things thereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

Next to accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, who you marry is the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life. So here are the points you need to consider when choosing who to marry.

1. Salvation/Spiritual Status

2nd Corinthians 6:14-15 says be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness.

Verse 15 says And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel.

There is no such thing as evangelistic dating. He has to be a believer and a growing Christian.

I remember dating a non-believer. He was going to church but we all know that just because they go to church doesn’t mean they were saved. It was hard for me to “lead” him spiritually.

Therefore, both of you should be growing Christians headed in the same direction, not necessarily on the same spiritual level.

Someone may ask, “But how will I know his spiritual status when we are dating?”

The answer is simple. If someone has a walk with God, somehow, someway it’s going to come out. Either they will talk about something God did for them, some scripture or message they read or heard or some prayer God answered. If you are a believer, there has to be some sign somehow. God could have done something to you and you are going to definitely talk about it.

Another thing based on this point is that they should be committed to a local church.

Hebrews 13:7,17 says Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God, whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.

Verse 17 says Obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves, for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief, for that is unprofitable for you.

If someone is not committed to a local church, that is pride and arrogance.

Point is, before going on that first date, you should know the relationship he/she has with Jesus.

2. Parental Blessing

Proverbs 21:1 says The King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. Like the rivers of water, he turns it wherever he wishes.

“King” is used here to mean a parent/guardian/someone who has authority over your life.

We all know the verse Ephesians 6:1. Children should obey their parents in the Lord.

When choosing who to marry, you would want your parent’s full blessings, you would want their Amen!

3.Hear from God’s Voice

1st Samuel 15:22 says And Samuel said, hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the Voice of the Lord?Behold,to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

However God communicates with you, ask Him to communicate with clarity. Ask Him to talk to you. Ask him to give you a SIGN!

Signs are confirmations from God. Wherever you are in your walk with God, whatever you need God to do to give you clarity, He will do all it takes to help you understand what you need to do and who you really need to be married to.

4. Prior Marital Status

Matthew 5:31-32, 19:1-12

Mark 10:11-12

Malachi 2:15-16

1st Corinthians 7:10-17

Divorce is a serious issue. I believe one man should be married to one woman in one lifetime!

Therefore, if you’re in such a situation, do search the scriptures about marrying a divorcee. Do not make a decision on how you feel. One day you’ll give an account to God pertaining what you learnt from the scriptures.

5. The “C” Check

Do not marry based on:

  • Cars that he has.
  • Curves that she has.
  • Countenance (cuteness or how handsome he is) Do not put so much focus on external factors. Beauty is only skin deep. Look beyond their external features. Value them for who they are from the inside.
  • Cash that they have.

Marry based on:

  • Compatibility. Do you have common interests. Focus on life compatibility and not sexually compatibility.
  • Character. People don’t change. The way they are before you get married, is how they will be after you get married.

You cannot change them. If they tell lies before you get married, they’ll tell lies after you get married. If they treat you mean before you get married, they’ll treat you mean after. If they treat their parents mean, they’ll do the same thing after you get married. If they do not respect authority before, they’ll not respect authority after.

Sex before marriage will blind you on someone’s true character.

Do not be blinded or infatuated.

  • Competence.

This is the ability to practice a skill. Marriage is skill based. Marriage is not hard, it’s hard work.

  • Communication.

Does she listen?

Does she give you time to talk?

Does he communicate when he’s hurt?

Does he speak out loud when something is bothering him?

A big part of marriage is communication.

  • Children.

How many children does he/she have? How many do you both want?

  • Cash management
  • Credit Report.

This is going to tell you if they have a lot of debt, how many liabilities do they have.

  • Continence.

This means self-control. Can you sexually control yourself?

There is a season in marriage where sex is off limits.

To the young men, the greatest gift you can give to your fiancée is to demonstrate that you have self control.

  • Cooking.

Does she know how to cook? 😆😉

If she doesn’t know how cook before you get married, she won’t know after.

  • Cleaning.

If she didn’t keep her room clean before, she won’t keep it clean after.

That’s it you guys! I hope this will be helpful to you and your family, friends or even your sons and daughters. Teach them to choose God fearing partners that will bring Glory to God.

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God bless you!

Love and Love,


23 Years of God’s Faithfulness


Busy year it has been Hehe, lazima nijitetee.
I have turned 23 today and it has never felt this good!
Here are 23 things I have learnt all my 22,(now the 23rd) years:

1.God loves you still. He has the ability to foresee what you’ll do in the future and He still loves you! Don’t fret. He still loves you.

2.Forgive and try to forget.

3.Do not judge book by its cover, looks are deceiving. A persons true colours are shown by their character.

4.Save up. If there’s something my mom has instilled in me is the power of saving up. She says “Jinyime, save up, you’ll realize how much you’ll have in your account in a couple of years.” I attest.

5.Have a moment with God, at least once a day. Cultivate a life of prayer.
Talk to Him. To me, He has always been the purest form of love that I have ever experienced, besides family. He has literally stuck closer than a brother. Converse with Him as friend talks with friend.

6.Keep a song in your heart. Music speaks to the soul. If you’re my friend and I have never borrowed your earphones, then you’re not a close friend hehe

7.Be kind. Kindness is fashionable. A hand that gives is better than a hand that receives. Something as small as a pair of flip-flops can go a long way for that street kid.

8.Let go and let God. We all do mistakes. The Cross is proof enough that what is in the past, should remain in the past, where it belongs. Forge ahead. However, when you are hanging on by a thread, make sure it is the hem of His garment. You’re safe there.

9.Take time to choose your partner, wisely.
On my 20th birthday, my mom surprisingly told me, that, I was then allowed to start dating. To her, that was a mature age to start such relations. 3 years later, I now see the sense. This is self explanatory, I don’t have to dwell here.

10.Be proud of you, reward yourself, with your small achievement. As much as we said we’ll save, buy yourself that cake or pair of shoes that you’ve always wanted to own.

11.Work so hard that you can’t any more. Give your best shot and let it land on your next goal. There’s always a sense of fulfillment.

12.Ladies, let your integrity and dignity uphold you. The world can be cruel and won’t care about you but here are some good statements every woman should practice, that I got from a friend:
1. You’ve interrupted me, I’m not finished talking.
2. No.
3. That isn’t funny.
4. I already know that.
5. That won’t be necessary.
6. Leave me alone.
7. That isn’t appropriate.
8. You’re making me uncomfortable.
9. Stop ignoring what I’m saying.

13.Family is everything. In your happiest and darkest moments, they’ll be there,for sure.

14.Everyone deserves a second chance, just try. Just like how Christ was the greatest love story ever known or told, have a Christ like mind.

15.One bag and one watch is enough. Ladies, you can use one bag until it wears out, then you’ll have a reason to get a new one.

16.Give your Tithe. Give God what belongs to Him, and you’ll see heaven gates open with blessings. I have always believed in that. The blessings will come, when God wills.

17.And to my fellow Adventists, Honor, respect and enjoy the Sabbath day, and by this I mean the entire day. Mom raised us(my siblings and I) to enjoy Sabbath worship. Honestly, Sabbath’s are the only days I get to fully rest from the week’s work, so you can imagine how I look forward to them every week. I always get fulfilled when I go back home at 5 o’clock in the evening, having communed in happiness at His feet.

18.Now lets talk hair. I have never appreciated natural hair than I have now. There are so many hairstyles someone can pull off. Who doesn’t want to change her hair every two days, I mean 😀

19.Live in the moment. Be happy and enjoy the now.

20.Dress well, you don’t know whose watching Hehe.
My boss complimented my decent and official dressing once, and I was happy that my efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

21.Buy experience in your life and less stuffs. Travel, meet new people and have fun. It’s the beauty of life.

22.Mom and Dad are always right. Just listen to them.

23. Read a book. Those Nairobi traffic jams in the morning and evening have always made me love being in solitude. I always read. A book can change your life, a couple of them have changed mine.

Lately, I have evolved in my style and skirts have been my favorite. Be inspired.
God bless you guys ❤️

Taking Stock!

Happy Friday everyone!
First, I would love to take this time to Thankyou for being so patient with me. Time went so fast, it was Christmas, then New Years, then work plus a few projects I’m partaking at church so I didn’t have much time to write to you.
Today we will be Taking Stock of the past few months, this new year and everything that it will offer.

soft liver. I’m learning how to through my sister who makes the sweetest of mainis that you could ever have.

‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ by the amazing and most talented author Joshua Harris. Have you ever felt like you are a new person after reading an article or book. I know I have. Thanks to him. He sheds light on how young people should live pure lives while single or while courting. It’s an amazing read. I kid you not, it will change your life!

to enjoy peace and happiness by being the best version on me. My favorite quote being, “I’m choosing me because I will spend the rest of my life with her.” that brings me joy 🙂

forward to what God has planned for me this year. I’m happier and more free than I have ever been.

myself to the job market and world has made my confidence grow and I’m liking this new me.

Delamere Strawberry flavor yogurt and caramel popcorns which are life! They are my current snack favs.

to let go of things or people that no longer speak to me or my heart or even bring me joy.

I was on vacay! This work sector is draining!! Honestly I need one.

to go to Oloiden camp in Naivasha over Easter! It has beautiful scenery and I’m a sucker for beautiful views and adventures 🙂

to finish school by the end of this year. The number of Lecturer strikes has been quite alarming and unfortunate.

the feel and smell of Bajaj No marks cream on my face. I use it as a primer.

13 reasons why. I know what you’re thinking but I have watched it so many times and it always gets me crying. It clearly depicts how bullying can affect someone whose in school. And how speaking up is very important.

the new series on Maisha Magic East called Selina. It’s current, relatable and touching. The actors and actresses are doing a great job.

to achieve my new year’s resolution. Which was learning how to forgive and forget and growing closer to God.

skirts, especially the midi skirts with minimal sandal heels.

that I’m at work and I should be working but I’m busy trying to update my blog hihi.

products online. I’m not much of a risk taker but I decided to try something new. The expectation is okay, not as bad as I thought.

to :1. I Found Love by BeBe Winans
2. You Are by Charlie Wilson
3. Isn’t She Lovely by Steve Wonder
4.On The Wings Of Love by Jeffrey Osborne
5. BebiBebi by Nyashinski

Daddy daughter time with my Father God 🙂

some DIY items done by my good friend Arnelle. She’s very creative. Hey girl!

mangoes now that they are now in season.

to practise more of integrity, grace and love, and enjoying good vibes.

the time I spend at home. Work draining me has made me love lying on the couch with the remote control on my hand. I long for such moments. Im also currently enjoying my time in traffic because I get to read my current book 🙂

to go for driving school.

that I would always notice, pick out and hear God’s voice in everything and actually follow it.

to trust my intuition, always.

to touch a girl’s life. A girl who thinks the world does not have much to offer for her. That she may feel the need of loving and always being proud of herself, her achievements and lessons. That she may always draw her strength and happiness from none other but Christ. That she may always keep her chin high and smile more. Okay, that’s enough, I’m digressing lol.

thee Giorgio Armani Si Body Lotion for the longest time!! I hardly use it, and when I do, it must be a worthwhile occasion. And plus because it was a gift from my sister Ninoy Michira, I actually took it while she was seeing so issa a gift! <thanks hun>.

go of the fact I cannot buy my previous Deo or body splash because I always think it would bring up old memories of things that happened when I was using it. I don’t know if you follow. It’s weird but I’m trying to learn how to let go.
This is an exception of the Giorgio lotion lol.

the current Lexus car model version. It’s amazing!!!!I also love Mark X, BMW X6, Nissan Teana.

the fact that someone thought I was out of content since I wasn’t blogging for a while. I was building myself for something better. Okay?
(I know bad doesn’t look so good on me hihi)

UAE Deos. I’m currently wearing Rio Fashion Deo.

my hair in a bun and going full on Naturale!

skin care, health care and hair care.

I had a plate of rice and chicken tikka from VMS infront of me this second.

And finally,
everyone who supports me in this blog journey!❤️ God bless you!
Today’s look is definitely a valentine’s s wear.
I tailored this dress, and it cost me about Kes 4000. I drew inspiration from Nina Ogot’s dress that she posted some time last year.
Photography by Peter K images.

White on White

Unhealthy relationships and Obsessions.

First, this is solely my opinion and views so it’s subject to criticism.
But I’ll stand for what I believe in , irris what irris 😀

Number 1.

Shoe obsession. I need to preach this Gospel to my own self. Unhealthy obsession in shoes. What tames me nowadays is that I learnt to buy one shoe that will serve the purpose forever. One black shoe for that office or important business meeting look. That wedge shoe for a wedding or outdoor event. That red shoe for that end of year dinner. That Minimal staple heel (like the one in this blog) for that elegant chic all polished event. End of story. (But ideally shoes are never enough, but your discipline can work for that).

Number 2.

Most obvious point that should be your number 1; If he wants you to do certain things that are past your limit in principles that’s an unhealthy relationship. Make him respect your decision.Period.

Number 3.

 If he doesn’t  make you better spiritually, if he doesn’t lead you closer to Christ, if when you say you’re attending bible study or church retreat and he asks “what’s that for” that’s unhealthy.

Number 4.

If he doesn’t treat his mother with the  repect she deserves baby girl flee. The way he treats his mom is a reflection how he treats women in his life…including you. Period. This point is one of my mom’s go to advice when we talk about men. It’s always one of her top three questions when we have our kalittle chit chat in the kitchen.

Number 5.

If all he does is complain that people are unfair and he can’t work hard to be able to provide for you in the future that’s unhealthy. Clearly he’s not patient or persevering.

Number 6.

If he smokes or drinks there’s nothing to talk about. Just leave. Will everytime you have an argument, he goes and haves a good time with his boys in a club and leaves you home crying till dawn then comes back saying you were overreacting? Forever is too long for you to be unhappy.

Number 7.

 If you fight a lot thats already a red flag. You have to have the same views in certain issues. you may disagree yes but not all the damn time. If he tries to pass his message abusively then that’s already a reason. You are stronger than you think.

Number 8.

His way or the high way. Takes me back to the ability of agreeing to disagree or compromising. but never let him either have his way or the highway(meaning He tells you to leave) That’s a bad trait. He has to be considerate. 
 Number 9.

When you hide things from him like going to your friend’s or your parent’s , that’s unhealthy. If you can’t be discrete in whatever you do all day then what’s the point of courting him.

Number 10.

 He looks at other girls while you are talking to him or on a casual moment and checks them out. Many at times guys say “Oh we’re just visual creatures so we tend to appreciate whatever we see.” you know what?You can court and marry your visual selves. We also have eyes, we see good looking guys but we are smart. and wise. and respectful. and CONSIDERATE. We don’t eye that guy till we can’t see him no more. We appreciate good looks but not into the horizon. Especially if we are seeing you guys. So stop with the “visuality” excuse coz it’s dumb. Us women aught to be respected with equal measure.

Number 11.

If he lusts for you everytime you are together then it’s unhealthy. Love isn’t necessarily how you connect physically, there will be an aspect of physical attraction yes I can’t disagree, but it shouldn’t form the basis of your relationship. You don’t have to be physical with her to show her you love her.

Number 12.

This next point is rather queer but, if he starts planning your future…where you’ll live …which type of house you’ll live in or what car you’ll buy in just 2 weeks of you guys dating then he’s just in there for the short term. He hardly knows you so he just wants you to feel secure during that time. Be cautious girl.

Number 13.

 and finally, how a man treats you is how he feels about you.

Honey, you matter and you are enough. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Do not compromise, that’s the mistake many of us do, we compromise in the name of no guy is perfect. There are perfect men. Yes you you heard me, there are! Perfect in the sense that the most important qualities in a man in your checklist MUST be adhered at ALL times.
That’s just how it works.
And if you’re in such a relationship or have that kind of obsession, it’s never too late to quit. It will affect you in this life and in the one to come.
You matter and you are enough!
And when you leave, don’t forget why you left 🙂 *insert Miss Njau’s voice hihi* Hey girl!
Now, this look is a white on white look. Very simple and easy to pull off. These nude minimal sandal heels were the cherry on top. Makes the simple outfit elegant and chic. The top and pants are from Eastligh malls .
The hair is a semi-human weave called Admire. 
Photography is by gilly_topicha.
Make sure you smile at whatever life throws at you because people tend to throw rocks at things that shine. And you shine! To my guy fans, you can replace the he with she so that you relate to it.
Thank you for stopping by and God bless you❤
I’ll put on verses on the comment section soon.

The Tea Skirt

Hey there! My apologies for being MIA for the past one month. I have been very busy with work so there was hardly time for me to write and share with you.

None-the less I am glad I’m back.
This piece is a QnA blog post.I asked you to ask anything and these are some of the questions that I picked randomly.
So getting right to the questions that you asked:

1. Best thing about your life

This was a hard one because I have so many best things that have happened to me. However, knowing and being close to Christ,  having to talk to Him everyday, sharing my highs and my lows has been the best thing about my life. He has been there, stuck closer than a brother.

2. How do you deal with your past

I pray first,  I pray for forgiveness. God only forgives those who forgive.
But forgiving not necessarily means you have to gain them back to your life. By forgiving you have peace so you don’t have to fight from within.
I then smile and let go 🙂

3.How do you add weight

This got me laughing but to answer this; I take a lot of everything.
I hardly choose foods except the spicy ones. I take a lot of fatty food, A LOT of pastries like bread, milk in the morning and sometimes before I sleep. I work out once in a while just to keep fit.

4. How does one mix colours for outfits

I mix dark shades with light shades.Simple.

5. What’s your say on trimming eyebrows.
Personally I trim my eyebrows.
Just to look more presentable because mine can grow very bushy…I trim them thinner but definitely not the whole eyebrow.

I paired this jungle green midi skirt with an off shoulder lace top and black ankle boots. The midi skirt was a gift from my dad when he travelled to China but I’m sure they are available in most boutiques. The brown belt was an accessory for the skirt. The midi skirt can be worn to work with a white button up shirt with the brown belt of course.  Out with your friends can be with an off shoulder top or denim, either way tucked in. I got the top at a thrift shop for only Ksh.30! Thrift shopping is life 😂
That’s it for today! Now go forth and blossom ❤God bless and keep peace!

The Brown chunky-ish belt

One time I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on how hard it can get to forgive someone who has hurt you (definitely depends on the relationship you have with the person). Forgiveness is key to having a happy and fulfilled life. While I was working on this piece I asked you guys what’s your take on this issue. Thank you for the feedback btw 😄. A friend of mine (name withheld) told me that refusing to forgive someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. It’s that bad. 

Most of us (I included) find it hard to forgive and let go of the hurt someone has caused especially if they are of the inner circle. Nearly everyone has been hurt by the actions or words of another. Perhaps your mom or dad criticised your parenting skills, your better half had an affair, your colleague sabotaged a project, your family member looked down upon you because of your failures. These winds leave lasting feelings of anger or bitterness.

If you don’t practice forgiveness you might be the one who pays most…dearly. However if you embrace forgiveness, you will not only embrace peace but hope,joy and gratitude. Forgiveness is a decision. Not that your hurt will go away but it can lessen the grip on you and you will focus on the more positive parts of your life. Remember, the first to say sorry is the bravest, first to forgive is the strongest, first forget is the happiest.  Be the first. Be the best. – Sam West. Therefore it is easy to forgive and let go. It’s not as hard as you might think.
Today’s outfit is perfect for an event or date. I loved this awesome navy blue sweater dress from Jades Collection. I paired it with these animal print shoes and nude colour clutch from Dubai Mall. The brown belt was the icing on this cake. It was my favorite accessory. It turned the outfit into a casual one. Let me know how you feel about it in the comment section. Don’t worry about the different shades of blue on the pictures, the sun was so consistently shinning that day.
Thank you for stopping by! God bless!❤

The Maximalist


What’s up good people! Can you imagine a man who prays for you?

Today we will talk about “His timing” and how to depict a Proverbs 31 lady Character.

You can take your cup of hot cocoa  (especially with this Nairobi Weather) ..get yourself cosy while at that.

You don’t need a bunch of Toms,Dicks and Harrys  (Not you dad lol) in your life to make you feel alright about yourself. You need only one man,the one God has selected, to select you. God has fashioned everyone to have a partner. And trust me; the right man at the wrong time can be just as horrific as the wrong man at any time. So trust God’s timing on this. He is the ultimate matchmaker.
Don’t be pressured. Be it by your friends, colleagues or family members that you need to have a man at a certain time. You will only regret because you never allowed it to come from within. It gets ugly if you rush.
Relax,sit and allow yourself to be found. Again-wait until the man voices his intentions. You may have a hunch that he is the one, but God will use a man to set the tone of the relationship.
Allow him the opportunity to woo you..don’t be too hard on him and on yourself. Jesus set the standard for all men to follow. They should lead the relationship .Let them do the HUNTING,you gather. Let that someone know and demonstrate the love of Christ.
He hath made everything beautiful in His time. Ecclestiastes 3:11
For this post,I thought a cold weather outfit for church or functions would be it.
I paired a stripped top with a white maxi and boots 🙂 Covered everywhere  and warm 🙂
Until next time, thank you for stopping by and may God bless you!❤